The Stern Augmented Reality Function

Use the new function to place the virtual product on your patio and to get an immediate impression of how it fits.

  • You will need a cell phone or table with an integrated camera (you can tell if your device is compatible with the STERN AR technology when the AR symbols are displayed)
  • Web-based – no need to download an app
  • You can find the function on our website's product pages
  • Works with individual products, but also with our predefined groups
  • Free to use
  • A completely new purchasing experience
  • Makes your purchase decision easier on the spot
  • No more guessing or measuring
  • Share your AR results on social platforms
  • Available 24/7 and for use anywhere
  • Realistically rendered, true-to-scale 3D products

Look for these symbols in our product line:

And try out for yourself whether your mobile phone supports the augmented reality function! Scan one of the QR codes with your camera and follow the link to the article detail page.

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