IF Design Award 2018



Stern® Designer

Together with carefully selected designers and our product management we design unique products for the outdoor area. Thereby we focus on uniqueness and a sustainable realization.

Doser + Zimprich

In 2005 Yvonne Zimprich and Wolf Doser established their office for design in Trier. Their working environment encompasses the development of products and spatial concepts, with special regard to furniture design for the indoor and outdoor area. The challenge they set themselves when developing a concept is to reduce the product to its function and emotion. Thereby a consistent and honest design is as important as an economic realization. Numerous awards underline their work.

Ewald Winkelbauer

After his studies at the Fachhochschule für Gestaltung in Schwäbisch Gmünd Ewald Winkelbauer has worked for the design office Engel until 1990. Afterwards he establishes his own design office and has cooperated since then with well-known companies, what is confirmed by numerous awards. Since 1995 Ewald Winkelbauer has designed for STERN®.

Jürgen Sohn

In the year 1994 Jürgen Sohn established his design studio. There he develops products, which reflect emotion and continuity. By having experiences in the design of products, grafics and industrial goods he works together with numerous companies. He has been designing for STERN® since 2009.

a&o ID

a&o ID is a design agency based in Essen, under the direction of André Stern and Oliver Lück. The creative emphasis of a&o ID extends from furniture, to consumer and technical investment goods, all the way to the development of marketing strategies. Concepts from a&o ID are characterized by high standards in aesthetics, functionality and innovation, topped off by a dash of unconventionality. a&o ID has worked for STERN® since 2015.


Rainer Bachschmid was born in 1966 in southern Germany. Following his training as a carpenter he studied Industrial Design in Wuppertal. Subsequently he worked with a number of well-known design agencies before moving on to the Swiss furniture industry. In 2007 Rainer Bachschmid founded his own design studio. Since then he has been active in various areas including industrial- and consumer design, as well as furniture design. His first joint project with STERN® was for 2017.


With longterm experience and an open eye on changing trends and materials, STERN® pursues the development of furniture. This means not only to focus on uniqueness, but also on a sustainable realization.