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With Lola against child poverty!

For many families the child's school enrolment is not always a joyful event, which is looked at carelessly. As big as the children's expectation and anticipation is the financial burden for socially disadvantaged families. It starts with the satchel and learning material and continues right on through with sportswear.

In order to change the child's enrolment into something positive, the Social Welfare Work Ludwigsburg has established the initiative Schulstart (engl: beginning of school), where socially disadvantaged families are supported with learning material. For such an important project we wanted to provide support and created Lola. We support this initiative by financing 200 filled satchels with the sales of Lola in order to set a sign against child poverty. The stacking armchair Lola is self-design by Stern and belongs to the novelties in the area of aluminium furniture.

You want to know more about the initiative Schulstart or the armchair Lola? We are looking forward to receiving your message!