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Learning Partnership


On July 16th, 2012, Stern GmbH & Co. KG has agreed on a Learning Partnership with the Anne-Frank-Realschule at close-by Marbach. Common activities form the basis of such partnership agreements between schools and companies in Baden-Württemberg, as concluded on November 4th, 2008 between the federal state government and representatives of private enterprises. It is the declared goal of the agreement enabling every school in Baden-Württemberg to establish and cultivate a partnership with a suitable commercial company.

The cooperation is meant to introduce to the school's pupils the diversity of the professional world by way of practical learning and educational projects and to be help and orientation regarding the choice of a profession of the young people on the brink of starting their occupational life.

With this partnership, we want to underline our educational responsibility and give it strong significance within our company. The vocational training of young people in our company is an important part of guaranteeing the future, and will enjoy a significant focus within our company.

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